Floppy Giraffe


Floppy Giraffe


This amigurumi stuffed giraffe is an original pattern.  He stands fourteen inches tall from the tip of his - horns? Is that what giraffes have? - to his cute orange feet. That's almost as long as a real giraffe's black tongue (18 inches).

What's weird about giraffes is that they are walking contradictions.  They have realllly long necks, but their necks don't actually reach down all the way to the ground.  They eat for 16-20 hours a day (sign me up!) but choose LEAVES instead of anything truly delicious. They have never been seen to bathe but they drink up to 10 gallons of water a day.

And also, when crocheted, they are super cute.

Each comes with its own name. Let us surprise you, or request your own.

Details, details...

About the yarn:

This giraffe is made from 100% cotton yarn. 

About the eyes:

The eyes are embroidered.

About the stuffing:

I use a premium polyester fiberfill that is washable and great at keeping the animal’s shape. It doesn’t bunch like cotton or wool can.  It’s also non-allergenic and super squishy and cuddly inside my animals!

Can I wash the animals?

YES! Put them right in the washing machine.  Animals with safety eyes will do better on a gentle cycle.  I have also put my animals through the dryer which works well too, or you can choose to air dry them.

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