Floppy Monkey


Floppy Monkey


Meet our new, bigger, bolder, cuddlier BIG MONKEY.  He'll quickly become the guy you pick to go with you to snuggle with a book - or go the pizza parlor - or ride on an airplane.  His serene smile is a calming force even in this wild century.

He comes with or without a sweater - you pick the color - and his own name.  Let us surprise you, or request your own.  What we show here is a bare monkey.  We can do anything for you - stripes, solids, you name it.

About 15 inches tall.

Details, details...

About the yarn:

Our monkey is made with 100% cotton yarn.

About the eyes:

The eyes are embroidered. 

About the stuffing:

I use a premium polyester fiberfill that is washable and great at keeping the animal’s shape. It doesn’t bunch like cotton or wool can.  It’s also non-allergenic and super squishy and cuddly inside my animals!

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