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Some of us always live in a shell - turtles are just more obvious about it.  Don't judge them - they are protecting something very valuable inside.  Sadly for our crocheted friends, these are soft shelled turtles.  But we know you'll treat them right!

Each amigurumi stuffed animal (turtle) is about six inches from head to tail, and each comes with its own name.  Request your own, or let us surprise you.

We can customize the colors for you - just let us know the primary color you prefer (for head and feet) and we will make it special for you with a multicolored, complementary shell.

Details, details...

About the yarn:

This turtle is made from 100% cotton yarn.

About the eyes:

The eyes are embroidered.

About the stuffing:

I use a premium polyester fiberfill that is washable and great at keeping the animal’s shape. It doesn’t bunch like cotton or wool can.  It’s also non-allergenic and super squishy and cuddly inside my animals!

Can I wash the animals?

YES! Put them right in the washing machine.  I have also put my animals through the dryer which works well too, or you can choose to air dry them.

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