We make addictive hand-crocheted animals with attitude.

Each one of our creatures is born from skeins of 100% cotton yarn and given a name and personality as unique as they are and the children who love them. 

Hooked and Loopy creations are built to last. They can be cuddled, tossed, squeezed and washed for years to come.


Handmade by Sarah Potter

Every toy should be one-of-a-kind.

I know a lot of other parents share my frustration - you'll look around your kid's room and see a sea of generic plastic junk - infinitely disposable. Every six months I could fill a piñata with the plastic junk that sneaks into my house from birthday parties and impulse buys. 

Toys should be treasured, special. Your child should have a connection with their stuffed animals - a bond.

I started slowly, three or four years ago, crocheting scarves for my daughter's stuffed animals. I wanted to give them some personality. But I got bored fast. One rectangle after another. It could make a person go mad! 

So I expanded - owls, lions, crocodiles, monkeys. I'm up to more than 100 different animals now, plus characters from TV and movies, and all sorts of play food. I'm always looking for the next creature, the next challenge. I also gladly accept custom orders - because your toy shouldn't be a generic, mass-produced piece of merchandise that is going to end up at Goodwill in a few months.

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Hooked and Loopy is Handmade in Washington, DC

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