T-Rex (7 inches tall)

T-Rex Teen Blue.jpg
T-Rex Teen Blue.jpg

T-Rex (7 inches tall)


Original pattern.  This smaller version of our Tyrannosaurus Rex is built for smaller hands.  Seven inches tall from head to foot; seven inches long from foot to tip of the tail.  We can make in any color you prefer.  Choose your base color in the form; we use white as the accent color for his spike.

Each comes with its own name. Let us surprise you, or request your own.

Details, details...

About the yarn:

Our T-Rex is made with 100% cotton yarn.

About the eyes:

The eyes are embroidered.

About the stuffing:

I use a premium polyester fiberfill that is washable and great at keeping the animal’s shape. It doesn’t bunch like cotton or wool can. It’s also non-allergenic and super squishy and cuddly inside my animals!

Can I wash the animals?

YES! Put them right in the washing machine. Animals do better on a gentle cycle and air dry, but I have to confess I've thrown my personal stash in the regular wash and dryer and they've held up well.

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